Workout from Anywhere
  1. Customized online fitness training programs
  2. Zero workout equipments required
  3. Workout from the comfort of your home or wherever you’re
  4. Easy to fit workout schedule in your busy routine
Certified Fitness Trainer
  1. Certified fitness trainers to help you get fit
  2. Get one to one personal fitness trainer available for you whenever you need
  3. Expert in understanding unique requirements of clients and providing the best diet and workout solution.
Scientific Diet Portion and Serving Control
  • Follow the best diets followed by popular fitness trainers and celebrities around the world.
  • Choose from a variety of Keto diet, Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Zone diet, Vegan diet etc.
  • Get a complete customized diet plan as per your need.
  • The complex mathematics behind serving size in each portion is kept in mind while they’re prepared.
Follow Popular Workout
  • Follow popular workouts like HIIT, Tabata, Resistance training, Aerobics, etc.
  • Get a customized workout solution that fits your weight loss goals.
BTS Fitness Community
  1. Be part of our ever growing fitness community via our social handles ( fb,youtube,twitter,linkedin etc).
  2. Have any doubt or query? get it answered within a whisker.  Just ask!
  3. Ask, learn, collaborate with others on BTS Fitness Community Facebook group.
Refer and Earn
  1. With BTS you can workout and earn money.
  2. Build your own #BTSFitGang and get paid for every referral.

Choose Your Fitness Plan

Fundamental Plan(30 days)

30 days training program
  • Plan of 4 weeks
  • Diet plan and Workout plan implementation
  • Absolute assistance and support from Mentors
  • Complete monitoring of your development

2000/30 Days

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Master Plan(90 days)

90 days training program
  • Plan of 3 months
  • Continuous monitoring of diet and workout regime
  • Extensive mentor support
  • Refund available, if dissatisfied

5000/90 Days

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Twosome Plan(90 days)

90 days training program
  • 2 people can join
  • 3 months plan
  • Assistance from mentors
  • Refund available, if dissatisfied

9000/90 Days

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Health plan(180 days)

180 days training program
  • Plan of 6 months
  • Step by Step plan for nutrition and workout
  • No extreme diet plans & Complete support of mentors
  • Refund available, if dissatisfied

9000/180 Days

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Our Staff

Meet our Fitness Experts

Start your weight loss and fitness journey with experts of your choice. Certified dietitians, fitness trainers are here to give you the best of healthy lifestyle with personalized diet, yoga, workout for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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inspiring stories

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Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Give Up!" At BTS we feel proud to be a part of all these amazing people who transformed with us. People like you have proved what it feels like to feel great inside out. Our Success Stories section is a living example of how strong people actually are. The faster you realize your true potential, the better it is! Get strong, get fit with BTS. We will let these inspiring stories help you get through your fight for a fit life! Check them out.

"Dedicate yourself
to becoming your best."

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you are doing everything right (Following your diet properly, Doing workout regularly, Having 4-5 litres of water) ,still unable to loose fat. Thinking what I am doing wrong but unable to find the reason. Don’t worry , Today BTS Team is going to explain you the importance of an underrated factor “sleep” which we normally […]

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