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5 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Metabolism


Believe it or not, whenever we fail to lose fat or our fat loss process is on the slower side, Metabolism is the first thing we are going to blame, I have seen a number of people saying “My metabolism is slow that’s why I am unable to achieve my fitness goal”.

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It might be true sometimes but the good news is “we can fix the slow metabolism issue with a few simple but effective tips”.

Before moving toward the tips, Let’s understand what is metabolism first.

What Is Metabolism?

Your metabolism—more precisely known as Resting Metabolic Rate—refers to the number of calories you burn in a resting state (think sitting, lying, sleeping).

These calories are expended to carry out functions essential to survival, such as breathing, blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrient delivery throughout the body.

Your metabolism accounts for up to 70 percent of the calories you burn per day. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn.

This means you may be able to eat more calories than a person of similar stature and better maintain your weight.

When you’re dieting, this means you may be able to eat more calories to drive weight loss, which leads to a happier, less-hungry you.

No wonder afastmetabolism is so desirable!

5 Amazing Strategies to Boost Your Metabolism

1. HIIT (High-intensity interval training) – Regular cardio raises your metabolism while you’re doing it, but once you finish, your metabolism returns to its regular rate.

On the other hand, HIIT raises your metabolism for hours afterward, After completing a bout of high-intensity exercise — think intervals or circuit-style weight training — your oxygen consumption (sometimes referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC), is elevated in an attempt to replenish substrates used up during exercise.

This rise in EPOC elevates energy expenditure, potentially for up to 24-48 hours, which further impacts your metabolic rate long after your session ends.

2. Weight Training – Like HIIT, lifting weights raises your metabolism long after you’re finished—experts estimate that your metabolism stays elevated for up to 39 hours, this is because lifting strains your body so much, that it needs extra time to recover.

3. Eat Real Food – Try to complete your macros by completing real food, and try to avoid processed food.

The digestion process starts in your mouth with an enzyme called salivary amylase which is present in your saliva. Then your digestive system continues to break down food to use it as energy now or store it as energy to use later.

Digestion burns calories, which increases your metabolism, processed foods are basically predigested, which wreaks havoc for our systems.

4. Eat Enough Protein – Consuming dietary protein directly triggers muscle growth and repair. To maximize protein’s muscle-building response, it’s important that you’re not only eating enough but that you’re eating it frequently throughout your day.

Remember, the amount of muscle mass you have impacts your metabolic rate; to boost your metabolism, it makes sense to prioritize protein appropriately throughout the day.

5. Stop Dieting Year Around – I have seen a number of people saying that they are always in a caloric deficit, stop doing that!

Long-term dieting can adversely impact your metabolism because it causes your body to begin conserving energy, which then depresses your metabolism.

It’s been shown that long-term dieting negatively affects your total daily energy expenditure by reducing the number of calories you burn per day. For every week your diet aims to spend at least as many weeks off your diet.

This will help provide adequate time for your metabolism to be restored to pre-diet levels and allow ample time to increase muscle mass. Ideally, the longer you can spend away from a calorie deficit, the better the impact you’ll have on muscle mass, and ultimately your metabolism.


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