Detox Diet – Useful or Just a Waste of Money

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Detox Diet – Useful or Just a Waste of Money

A diet which is trending since a long back and a no. of companies have launched their product and making promises of losing weight and remove toxins from your body by using their product. Let’s understand about detox in depth, after that it’s your choice to go for it or not.

Toxin is basically defined as any harmful substance produced by a living organism.When it comes to food and nutrition, we can’t eliminate every toxin. That’s because, at some level, nearly everything we consume is toxic.Even fruits and vegetables if we consume in extreme amount is toxic. If we will think about the foods which cause toxicity then we are going to starve ourself whole day. But don’t worry, our body is designed to remove these toxins naturally. Our liver,kidney,lungs,skin,digestive tract are major detoxification organ. Toxins has been broke down into small particles by these organs and flushed out of our body via toilet,sweat and breathing.

Normally people go for detox due to two reasons:-

1) They feel that due to their unhealthy lifestyle they start facing some health issues and they believe that detox will help them to remove harmful chemicals from their body.
2) They want to lose fat quickly.

if you are planning for detox due to reason one, then you need to detox your body on a daily basis since the man made chemicals in our food and environment will be with us always.

so we need a permanent solution for that and instead of going for a few days or few weeks detox program we need to ramp up our natural detoxification system.

If you are planning to detox for losing fat then you are going to make your condition worse than earlier. You are definitely going to lose weight but not fat. You are going to lose water weight because you have removed carbs from your diet your body deplete glycogen from liver and muscle and we see several kilograms down on weighing scale. But once we get back to our normal diet we gain the weight again since you will be in starvation mode , Detox diets are very low in calorie (approx 400-500) and it lacks important macro nutrients like protein and Fat. If you will consume such a low calorie and foods low in main macro nutrients you will lose muscle also and you will end up screwing your metabolism.

Now, what to do for removing toxins from your body on a daily basis.

1) Drink adequate amount of water and Green tea. Water will help your kidneys to remove toxins.
2) Include veggies and fruits in your diet, Veggies and fruits contain compounds that can help the body deal with all of the incoming chemicals. Try to eat organic foods
3) Drop your body fat percentage ,Certain fat-soluble compounds can accumulate in body fat.Less body fat means less scope for potentially problematic chemicals
4) Exercise and sweat regularly. Our skin is a major elimination organ.

Read the story below and decide

“Consider yourself as a king/queen and body is your kingdom, Your organs like (Lungs, Liver, kidney etc) are your soldiers. During a war if you will take help from some outsiders like (detox diet) ,for the time being you win the war but if someone helps you they will take something very precious from you, in old stories outsiders used to take away the king’s daughter and in this case detox diet will take away something very precious “your metabolism”. Instead of taking help from any outsider why don’t we focus on making our soldiers strong(kidney,lungs,etc) so that we can face any challenges, Now the choice is yours

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