Does High Protein Diet Harms Your Kidney

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Does High Protein Diet Harms Your Kidney

Does high protein diet cause kidney stone?

We often get worried when our fitness expert suggests us to consume a high protein diet or to include protein in each meal to achieve our fitness goal. One of the main reason behind this is “fear of developing kidney stone”, since, we always heard that kidney stone patient or a person with high uric acid level has to restrict their protein intake, its obvious that the question will come in our mind.

Let’s see what research says:-

This notion about high protein diet came in 1980 when it was told that large amount of protein leads to progressively decline in kidney function over the time. Even RDA’s recommendation for protein intake is 0.8gm/kg body weight. So people always were in dilemma that we should avoid high protein diet.

After a decade researchers start noticing that the Bodybuilders who consume very high protein diet are not suffering with Kidney related problems. After that International society of sports nutrition has analyzed most of the researches and they found that there is no evidence which has proved that high protein intake(2-3 times more than RDA recommendation) has damaged a healthy kidney.

Mackenzie Walser has done a series of research on relation between high protein diet and renal function and stated that “it is clear that protein restriction does not prevent decline in renal function with age, and, in fact, is the major cause of that decline. A better way to prevent the decline would be to increase protein intake. there is no reason to restrict protein intake in healthy individuals in order to protect the kidney”.

In 2016 a research has been performed on healthy individuals who were performing resistance training. This research was held for 4 months and participant has consumed very high protein intake(3gm/kg) body weight. Over 4-month period has no effect on blood lipids or markers of renal and hepatic function.

Recently Researchers from McMaster university did some meta analysis on high protein diet and kidney function. They have measured the effect of high protein diet on GFR (glomerular filtration rate ) ,GFR basically is a test which measure how well kidney filter blood and removes waste. Researchers analyzed data from 28 papers dating from 1975 to 2016, examining the effects of a low/normal protein intake versus higher protein diets on GFR in health individuals.

The publications involved more than 13-hundred participants, including those who were healthy, obese, or had type 2 diabetes and/or high blood pressure. None of the participants were diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and all consumed either a high, moderate or low-protein diet.

This research paper was published in journal of nutrition on 1st Nov 2018.

If you have ongoing kidney issue then control your protein intake but if you have healthy kidney, you don’t need to worry. Enjoy high protein diet and keep lifting.

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