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He’s Ritesh Dewangan, a certified nutrition and fitness expert. He has been into fitness from the last 2 years and has an experience of transforming people for more than 1 year. Ritesh’s philosophy is focused on not just losing fat and gaining muscle that many trainees look forward before joining a fitness program but also a customized diet and workout plan according to clients goal and lifestyle so they can sustain and maintain it with ease. Join Ritesh for a perfect healthy and fit lifestyle.


If I can, you can too!! 🙂 So here is my transformation story!!
I have realised that fitness is not a destination rather a journey. It’s not about dieting/skipping food to lose weight rather its a state of being healthy and strong which can be acquired by Exercise and Quantified nutrition.

If anyone says ‘Rice khane se mote hote hain’-immediately run away!😬
Under diligent support and guidance of my mentor Ritesh Dewangan, i have learnt that its all about hardwork and quantified nutrition that brings a change.You need to be consistent and have patience to see the results.
Thank you so much Ritesh for all your efforts and guidance🙏

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