Vivek is a software engineer by profession and a certified Nutrition and Fitness Expert. He accomplished his degree and started implementing his learning on himself. He has achieved success in toning his body and firm muscles. He has maintained his diet and believes in nutritional health. He has motivated others to join this vision of his and he has helped several to achieve the right shape. Vivek believes that your height and body structure contributes to an appropriate weight distribution. He believes in keeping yourself fit and he suggests that clothes look good on you when you have figure to be envy of.


It has been a pleasure working with Vivek for my weight loss journey. He is very understanding, motivating and approachable. He tailor made the diet according to my routine, resources and life style. He took time to understand my requirements and how my body is responding. Over all, a great experience. Highly recommend!!!


My weight loss journey has been here amazingly easy. My knowledge on food and exercise has increased a lot , thanks to my nutrition expert Vivek kumar.


My transformation was from 72kg to 68kg in 3 months with very good inch loss. The diet proposed was good so that i feel full whole day.

The diet plan and workout plan was very much helpful and the best thing is trainer keeps the track of progress and keeps us motivated 😃

With thyroid it was difficult to lose weight but it wasn’t that difficult at the end. Instead my thyroid is normal since then. So yes, healthy living makes our lives easy and healthy too 😇

Now, I have no plans to stop doing this as it’s a part of daily routine now… Eat healthy, live Healthy..Stay Motivated

Hari Suman

My dream of getting six pack abs came true due to this guy, really enjoyed the journey with him.


Before joining BTS I was only thinking about weight loss and my overall focus was doing cardio and eating less, I remember the first conversation with him (Vivek) when he told me that” BMI is just a shit, Your muscle to fat ratio defines your overall look, so focus on your body composition”, I blindly followed what he said and after 2 months started getting complements from a number of colleagues.

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