We guarantee that if you devotedly follow our nutrition and workout plan as suggested by our designated mentor you will definitely start noticing changes within 2-3 weeks. Kindly note, changes vary from person to person and goal to goal, the changes you will attain will entirely depend on your specific goals but we are fully committed to helping you reach your ultimate goal efficiently in the least amount of time.

BTS offers you a unique opportunity to ‘Work Out from Home’. Our specially curated home workout solution will help you to lose weight in the comfort of your home. The best part is you can workout wherever you are, home, travelling or just visiting a country or state for work or leisure? You don’t have to worry about missing your fitness routine now. No more hassle of hitting the gym anymore, be the best version of you with or without working out at the gym.

Diet doesn’t mean eating less it means eating the right macros in a proper quantified manner. So we don’t know about feeling hungry but you might actually feel full throughout the day.

It is recommended but definitely not mandatory. You can start by reading our Free Fat Loss E-book curated by one of our expert nutritionists. You can prepare your own diet plan and post in our FB Community, any of our experts will review the plan and let you know if any changes are required.

Our approach is 100% scientific and natural. By natural we mean you know what you eat.  You will lose weight and change your lifestyle at the same time. Our focus is not only to shed those extra pounds but making you tough physically as well as mentally. It’s all about leading a healthy lifestyle and we help you to do just that.

You can change your mentor within a month(30 days) with prior intimation. We don’t want you to feel stuck at any point of time.

Our aim is not to disturb your metabolism with crash diets. So don’t worry after you have completed your fitness plan membership. You are not going to regain your weight, unless you change your lifestyle completely than what you had been following with us. Reach your fitness goal, start a healthy lifestyle with us for the rest of your life.

We promise you will enjoy the diet as we have a huge variety of food list and recipes waiting for you. You tell us what you like and we will suggest you the diet plan.

Join our Facebook community and discuss anything related to diet and workout with us. We will solve all your queries with latest research references. We are open to any discussion and will also like to learn from your experience as well.

BTS being an online fitness platform you can always connect with your mentor via phone calls, WhatsApp chats, video calls, mails, SMSes etc. Your mentor will be always a click away from you. But here’s something that we plan to come up with very soon, we might be arranging mentor meet ups in your city. Feel free to attend those and get a glimpse of your fitness gurus. Sounds good, right?

You and your trainer will measure your progress in a variety of different ways, including changes in:

Your strength levels, Your weight, Your body fat percentage, Your body measurements (waist, arms, hips, etc.) In addition to this, you’ll be taking regular progress photos, kept private between you and your trainer, so you’ll be able to clearly see all of the visual improvements you’re making! Lastly once you start receiving compliments you know you are going north. This way you can also be part of our success stories.

We do understand your cravings, as we all are humans. You will definitely have your cheat days but you have to earn it. How? simple, follow what your trainer recommends, get results, and you might just unlock a cheat day!

When you message/call your trainer, they will always try to get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes within just a couple of hours. However, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 24 hours for a response to any question.

BTS offer all the fitness plans in different flavors. There are several fitness programs segregated in terms of duration, disease management, making you wedding ready or beach ready and lot more. The price starts from as low as 1000 INR. Also don’t forget the frequent discounts!

We work with clients of all ages, and have helped people well into their upper 60s, who have never been into fitness before got into good shape miraculously. Age is just a number and you are never too old to be the best version of yourself. Your fitness mentor will work with you to make your dream a beautiful reality.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as PayPal. We also do accept NEFT/IMPS orders and cheques but with a proper prior communication with the BTS team.

Having an injury might have an impact on your workout routine. In this case you will have to mention about this injury clearly to your mentor. We will do our best to design a workout program so that you can avoid getting hurt because of your injury.

It’s important that you never stop any of your ongoing medications. The right person to guide you on this matter is your physician. There are many cases where due to our fitness strategy our clients received such amazing results that their Doctors had advised to discontinue certain medications. But again it’s his/her call not yours or ours.

BTS Fitness India Pvt. Ltd. employs industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) encryption and secured payment gateway measures for all data exchanged between our clients and our application. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If you want to cancel your membership at any point of time you are eligible for a 100% refund within 15 days of your enrollment. You can initiate cancellation by using the ‘cancel membership’ button in your profile or drop us a mail at

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