Fitness Resolutions – Why We Fail?

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Fitness Resolutions – Why We Fail?

Fitness resolutions are such a thing that every individual think about it several times in his/her whole life span.

But how many of us actually sticks to it and achieve the goal?

fitness resolutions for new year 2020, get fit with BTS

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February! (1)

Here We Will Discuss Some Major Reasons

1. Why we fail to achieve our fitness resolutions? 

2. How can we overcome those factors?


Goal Setting: Its good to be ambitious but being over ambitious sometime hurts.

Start with making small changes in your lifestyle. Suppose you are sleeping 4 hours daily which actually can hamper your progress throughout the day.

Answer is simple – Your bed needs more time of yours! The most important part is to set realistic goals. Thinking you can run a 10 km marathon in five months when you’ve never set sneaker to pavement might be admirable but it probably won’t be doable.

Why not start this marathon goal by running a km every alternate day?

Pressure: We might feel anything related to fitness is directly proportional to our physical toughness, stamina, strength etc.

According to a recent study (2), the power of positive thinking and mental toughness actually has measurable effects when it comes to getting fit.

This mental strength helps you to handle the pressure which come to us in forms like discouragement, taunts, failures, injuries, comparisons and the most important being impatient.

Relax! Take a deep breath. If these factors are not bothering you any more – 80% work done!

fitness resolutions for new year 2020, get fit with BTS

Pat Your Back: We are all in a rat race! Be it your career, social life or fitness.

Now that you have already started your fitness journey by setting an achievable goal but sometimes those realistic ones are not so easy to reach.

If you look back from where you have started and where you are today you will definitely feel the change, small but noticeable. Never forget to praise yourself.

Prepare your success-list and go through it. Think of the every extra reps you’ve logged and every piece of candy you’ve resisted-feels pretty good, right? And that feeling only makes it easier to keep the streak going.

As pundits say ‘Rome was not built in a day!’, but once built it still remains one of the fearsome dynasties the whole world has ever witnessed.

So, get ready to welcome another new beginning and a whole new decade and let’s promise to get fit and healthy together, because fitness resolutions aren’t just for January or February, it is for lifetime, make fitness a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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