Why Should Women Train Differently Than Men

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Why Should Women Train Differently Than Men

Fitness training for Women is one of the most controversial topic in fitness industry.

A number of coaches consider woman as a smaller version of a man and train them as a man.

But a woman is different than a man on the basis of their physiology, hormonal profile, etc.  

Today I am going to share a few reasons why a woman should diet and train differently compared to a man.

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Fitness Training For Women Demystified

1. Women do better on a higher fat diet                        

Women have protein and glycogen sparing metabolism, it means that they don’t need as much carb and protein as a man to fuel their workout session.

Research has shown that women oxidize more lipid and less carbohydrate and protein compared with men during endurance exercise.

The lesser need for carbohydrates frees up calories to consume as fat. Fats have very positive effects on the hormonal and cardiovascular health of women.

Low carb and high-fat diet are more effective for women suffering from PCOD, Women with PCOD/PCOS lose more fat on low carb diet compared to low fat when calorie intake and protein intake was the same. 

2. Women do better with a higher rep range

Men and women have different muscle fiber distribution. women muscle is type 1 fiber dominant, so they are more resistant to fatigue.

Because women have more slow-twitch muscles, they should train their type 1 fibers more than men to grow to their full potential. This can be done by performing more reps per set.

3. Women can handle more volume       

The main reason for women capable of handling large volumes is type 1 fiber and estrogen.

Estrogen is an anti-catabolic hormone that aids in muscle repair reduces protein break-down during exercise and protects you against muscle damage.

This allows women to train with a higher training volume without becoming overtrained.

4. Women can train with a greater training frequency

Recovery in women is faster compared to men after a training session since women have better nutrient delivery to their muscles, they don’t suffer as much muscle damage and they repair their muscles faster.






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