The Immune System & Novel Coronavirus – How To Boost Your Immunity

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The Immune System & Novel Coronavirus – How To Boost Your Immunity

If you’re like most people, you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening with Novel Coronavirus.

More than 1.5 million people are affected. 1 lakh people has lost their life, Government has issued precautionary measures for its citizens to follow.

Apart from all these precautionary measures, the most common topic is immunity.

Countries like Italy started immunity testing and countries like India are appealing their public to focus on improving their immunity.

immune system to beat novel coronavirus, covid19

The top 3 questions that we have in our mind right now:

  1. Why our immune system is so important?
  2. Can we do anything to boost our immune system?
  3. If yes, which methods work?


You will get all your questions answered in this article.

What is the Immune System

The immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection.

The immune system keeps a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognize and destroy the microbe quickly if it enters the body again.

What can we do to make our immunity strong?

There are few things which we can do in order to boost our immunity. Here are the most important ones.

1. Workout regularly at home

Regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living, below are few things which happened due to exercise.

It promotes good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.

Killing bacteria via the brief rise in body temperature that occurs during and after exercise improving the production and function of antibodies produced by white blood cells.

2. Get enough sleep

When it comes to our health, sleep plays an important role.

While more sleep won’t necessarily prevent us from getting sick, skimping on it could adversely affect our immune system.

Without enough sleep, our body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation, effectively creating an immune response.

Cytokines are both produced and released during sleep, causing a double whammy if we skimp on shut-eye.

Chronic sleep loss even makes the flu vaccine less effective by reducing our body’s ability to respond. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is important.

Below are a few tricks which will help us to improve our sleep

  1. Sleep in a quiet, completely dark, cool room
  2. Don’t set an alarm
  3. Go to bed at the same time every night
  4. Avoid all stimulants and stressful stimuli

3. Beat the stress

Everyone knows “Stress can’t benefit us in any way, it can only harm us”, so try to stay away from stress.

Research has shown that when we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced.

That is why we are more susceptible to infections.

The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system.

Stress can also have an indirect effect on the immune system as a person may use unhealthy behavioral coping strategies to reduce their stress, such as drinking and smoking.

Below are few tips to stay away from stress

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Try meditation or yoga
  3. Make time for hobbies, interests, and relaxation

4. For a better immune system follow a healthy diet

Like any fighting force, the immune system army marches on its stomach.

Healthy immune system warriors need good, regular nourishment.

Scientists have long recognized that people who live in poverty and are malnourished are more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

There is some evidence that various micronutrient deficiencies alter immune system function, if you suspect your diet is not providing you with all your micronutrient needs, for instance, you don’t like vegetables, taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement may bring other health benefits.


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