Importance of Sleep

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Importance of Sleep

you are doing everything right (Following your diet properly, Doing workout regularly, Having 4-5 litres of water) ,still unable to loose fat.

Thinking what I am doing wrong but unable to find the reason.

Don’t worry , Today BTS Team is going to explain you the importance of an underrated factor “sleep” which we normally ignore but after reading this article you will be surprised to know that “Good  amount of sleep plays and important role in Fat loss as well as Muscle Gain”.

  1.  when we sleep less,  Hormone responsible for hunger “Ghrelin” increases and it reduces our Total Energy Expenditure and promote retention of fat
  2. Sleep deprivation lowers testosterone level and you know that “Testesterone” is the most important Hormone for muscle building.
  3. A research published in “Annals of Internal Medicine” explains that sleeping 5.5 hours instead of 8 hours decreases the chance of Fat loss by 55 % and increases the chance of Muscle loss by 60 %.
  4. Lack of sleep lowers our metabolism, which impacts our fat loss goal.
  5. Lack of sleep decreases cortisol secretion by approx. 50 %
  6. Decreases Glucose tolerance.


So, our ideal sleep duration should be 7-8 hours.



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