Ayan’s Success Story

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Trained By: Pradeep Harpalkar

Ayan’s Success Story

Starting weight: 127 kg

Current weight: 91 kg

Plan: Health Plan

Duration: 6 months

Losing fat is tough, but the results are worth it. Our lifestyle choices makes us unhealthy and thus we keep on gaining weight. Without proper guidance it’s a dead end for many who are looking to get fit and cut off the extra fat for good. Thus, a perfect balance of workout and nutrition is needed to achieve fitness goals.

Today we’re back again with a new transformation story of Ayan Bhattacharjee, IT Engineer, who had a wish to get fit.

Ayan suffered from obesity, he was around 127 kg and his hectic schedule and unhealthy choices made it worse. He was a foodie and used to drink daily which contributed to his weight gain.

Such unhealthy lifestyle resulted in poor health, mood swings, depression and lethargy. His decision to be the change came in his mind and before his body could overpower him, he took control of it.

Ayan started his fitness journey with BTS and stopped drinking daily to occasionally (like once in a month) and cut off junk foods and takeaway and swapped it with healthy diet.

Ayan chose Health Plan (6 months) and started to train under Mentor Pradeep. He followed Pradeep’s instruction and started to follow a healthy routine unlike previously and started to see visible results within a month. He felt good, his mood got better, he could move faster without getting tired and junk foods pang decreased. Following a different lifestyle than what he used to follow previously helped him to lose 31 kg in the process, and he is currently at 96 kg strong and proud.

Ayan chose to follow a healthy lifestyle with BTS and understood how important it is for everyone to follow such lifestyle before it’s too late.

This is Ayan’s fitness journey with BTS and we’re happy to see him happy. BTS Team congratulates him for his success and wishes him all the best for a healthy and fun life.

Anything is possible when you’re with BTS. When are you starting your fitness journey?

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