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Abhimanyu’s Success Story


Initial weight – 90 kg

Current weight – 77 kg

Profession – IT professional

Time taken – 5 months

Trainer Name – Ritesh Dewangan

We love sharing happy transformation stories and we’re back again with another fitness transformation today!
An IT professional by choice, and a strict 10-12 hours of work daily and sometimes in weekends too makes Abhimanyu’s lifestyle a pretty hectic one.
He was working out for a long time just like everyone else but didn’t get desired results even though he tried to give his best.

Abhimanyu wanted to make his dreams a reality, thus started to look for a genie who would make his dreams come true and in this case it was BTS “online fitness trainer” that matched his requirements, “customized healthy diet as per his diet preference” and “workout that suits his body type and helps to reach his goals”

Abhimanyu not only lost weight but also gained muscles.

His fitness transformation photo speaks about the hard work and dedication he has put into himself.

Abhimanyu’s amazing fitness journey with BTS lasted for 5 months and within this  timespan he managed to lose 13 kg, and dropped from 90 kg to an incredible 77 kg.

Training with mentor Ritesh, Abhimanyu learnt a lot about being fit and that’s not just working out, but also leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what Ritesh has to say about Abhimanyu

I want to say how proud I am of Abhimanyu on this amazing achievement & the effort he puts in everyday.

When Abhimanyu came to me he was unhappy with his body and wanted to lose Fat and gain strength.

He was:
❌ Not exercising the right way for his goals!
❌ Eating whatever available, mostly junk.
❌ Not quantifying calories.
❌ Unstructured lifestyle.

Abhimanyu and I have worked together and he has:

✅ Made a huge lifestyle upgrade!
✅ Exercises 6 days a week with a customized workout plan created to reach his desired goals.
✅ Understood importance of quantified nutrition.
✅ Learned to count his own calories & macros and to eat healthy on his own.

BUT most of all he enjoys the easy and delicious meal plans that are created just for him.


As a result he regained his happiness, confidence and feels amazing about the person he sees looking back at himself in the mirror.

I’m happy for Abhimanyu’s amazing transformation and wish him all the best.


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