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Aditi’s Transformation Story


Name: Aditi Karve
Profession: Working mom
Initial weight: 83 kg
Current weight: 67 kg
Time took: 6 months
Trainer: Divyani Singh
Diet: Pure vegetarian
Workout type: Home workout and dance
Fitness plan: Health plan

This is how a working mom got into shape. Customized diet and home workout plan and her favourite Bollywood dance moves worked wonders for her! Read Aditi’s amazing transformation with BTS and learn how online fitness helped her get into shape without spending huge.

Aditi, a busy working mom who had her schedule fixed 7 days a week. Working for home, working for the office, basically working all the time with little to no rest and time for herself. But she had no complaints.

Among many other goals, being fit was one of her main goals for a long time and the fact that she has to play so many roles as a working mom, she had to be fit.

But getting fit wasn’t an easy solution for her as going to the gym was not an option. So what to do?

Going online and searching for one of the toughest question “how to get fit at home” seemed like the only way to get fit. That’s how she ended up with BTS.

BTS online fitness training seemed like a perfect solution for her.

Customized diet and home workout plan was something she had been looking for a long time.

Aditi chose the BTS Health Plan (6 months). A purely vegetarian diet plan, customized home workout plan, and her favourite Bollywood dance moves were suggested to her by Mentor Divyani.

Aditi and Divyani both worked together to achieve the desired weight loss goal.

Aditi’s goal of getting fit at home without compromising her regular lifestyle was something she never thought could be achieved.

She learned how to follow a healthy lifestyle without compromising things she loves even when we all think we can’t manage to take out a little time for ourselves.

With a little help from BTS online fitness trainer Divyani, Aditi’s achieved her desired weight loss goal within a span of 6 months.

From 83 kg to 67 kg within 6 months, she felt better than before.

Confident and smart and better thought process made her realize how important diet and exercise is for each one of us.

Aditi’s dream of living a healthy & fit lifestyle being a working mom, without going to the gym, came true!

Her transformation photo speaks about how much she had put her heart and mind to work and achieved yet another amazing goal of her life.

Being a mom to her little one already made her a hero, and now being fit just to be stronger and healthier for everyone around her, surely made her a superhero!

Hard work and determination proved to be the only solution to getting fit and not just motivational quotes.

It’s the action that gives you the desired result, not just the word.

There were few minor ups and downs during Aditi’s fitness journey but she never thought about giving up and danced her way to fit lifestyle with popular Bollywood numbers!

She followed her trainer Divyani diligently and learned everything about nutrition, fitness myths, and fitness facts and how we all can get fit even without going to the gym and without spending a huge amount of money.

“Just dance your way to fit lifestyle, if that’s all you can do!” became her ideology!

“Patience and determination and loving ourselves help us to decide what we really want for us and then one fine day we start working out on the plan and start to achieve them.” That’s what motivated Aditi to achieve her fitness goals with BTS.

We feel proud to be a part of her weight loss journey.

Wishing Aditi all the best and hope she achieves all her future goals with confidence and smile just like this one!

All the best to her from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Aditi!

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