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fitness goals | online fitness transformation | fitness journey
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Aman’s Transformation Story

Online Fitness Transformation Journey With BTS  #BTSInspiringStories

Fitness goals can be achieved anywhere, anytime if you’re ready!

fitness goals | online fitness transformation | fitness journey

Name: Aman
Age: 25
Profession: Law student
Initial Weight: 85 kg
Current Weight: 70 kg
Time Taken: 4 months
Trainer: Mentor Vivek
Fitness Plan: Master Plan
Diet: Non-vegetarian
USP: Started with resistance band workout at home and later joined gym

Fitness goals can be achieved anywhere, anytime if you’re ready! This is how a law student & Made in India fitness platform BTS achieved success together.
Planning to get fit and going through the grind to reach the fitness goal are two different things. Do you want to know how we know this? well because with our experience it is easy to understand who will reach their fitness goal and who won’t no matter how amazing the plan is.

But here’s the story of Aman who didn’t just give 99% to reach his fitness goal, he gave his 100%! Thus making it to our inspiring stories section that will be a living proof on our website to inspire thousand others to take action just like Aman and reach their goal.

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Aman, a law student and a fitness enthusiast wanted to get fit but couldn’t understand how he can begin.

Being a law student, his schedule kept him busy but being fit was his goal which seemed impossible at first until he found out about BTS and its online fitness solution.

Mentor Vivek, who previously Mentored fitness enthusiasts like Aman played a huge role in Aman’s fitness journey as well, Mentor Vivek went through all the initial discussions to understand Aman’s requirement and made a workout and diet plan that would fit Aman’s lifestyle without compromising on anything.

With Mentor Vivek by his side, Aman started working out, within a month he started noticing huge change, and this motivated him to keep grinding and achieve his fitness goals he had always dreamed of.

While following BTS fitness plan, Aman enrolled himself to a gym to achieve a fit body and a whole new fit lifestyle.

Aman’s transformation photo is a proof of his determination.

fitness goals | online fitness transformation | fitness journey

Fitness Goals & Gym Workout Results

Aman’s starting weight was 85 kg and reached 70 kg within 4 months.

Quantified nutrition, home and gym workout with a positive mind helped Aman achieve his fitness goal. An amazing fitness transformation story we can proudly boast of!

It comes down to one thing: How bad do you want it?

Aman’s determination to achieve his fitness goal within 4 months with team BTS and Mentor Vivek during a time when survival and staying mentally positive is a tremendous job, this young achiever proved that if you convince yourself to achieve a goal no matter what is happening around you, you’re already a winner, you just need to work a bit and make your dream a reality!

Fitness Goals Can Be Achieved Easily if You’re Ready!

Aman made us proud like many others did in the past and we’re ever so grateful for it.

Aman’s fitness transformation journey is just not just another fitness story that you will read and move on to the next, this is a simple story with very little fact but with an amazing result which was no easy feat, without dedication and determination this is not possible, so we’re not just happy that Aman achieved his fitness goals, but with this transformation story, Aman proved once again that if you want to achieve something badly, you will achieve it, it’s that simple. With Mentor like Vivek by your side, and achievers like Aman, achieving fitness is a fun thing to do! If you’re ready, so are we!

Wishing Aman all the best, may he achieve success in every step of his life!

Let’s build a stronger, fitter and healthier future together. Congratulations from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Aman!

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