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COVID-19 fitness transformation with BTS
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Amit’s Transformation Story

COVID-19 fitness transformation with BTS #BTSInspiringStories

Name: Amit Raj
Profession: IT employee
Initial weight: 78 kg
Current weight: 72 kg
Time took: 4 months
Trainer: Kumar Vivek
Fitness Plan: Master Plan

Lockdown workout! Any time is a good time to start getting fit, so why not during COVID-19 lockdown when the World all of a sudden came to a standstill? Here’s an amazing fitness transformation story of our team member Amit Raj.

COVID-19 fitness transformation with BTS


You can get fit anywhere, you just have to begin.

Amit, IT employee, and a proud BTS member spent his time at work, with friends and family, and assisting us to achieve our goals.

But when you start inspiring others, you start being inspired. That’s what happened with Amit. Being an IT employee, a strict schedule hinders balancing work and healthy lifestyle and sometimes you have to select either of these two.

But does that mean you can’t lead a healthy lifestyle? It’s 2020, and now a lot of things that was just a dream even 10 years back is a reality now and so is fitness.

COVID-19 Fitness Transformation With BTS

Want to workout and get fit online? You have many fitness platforms just like ours helping people get fit wherever they are.

For Amit, choosing the right fitness plan wasn’t a tough task. The master plan seemed like the perfect solution for getting fit at home during COVID-19 lockdown.

Mentor Vivek started training Amit, a customized diet and workout plan was prepared as per Amit’s preference.

Amit’s fitness goal did not have any fancy equipment. His goal of getting fit consisted of a healthy routine of healthy diet and home workout with dumbbells and barbells.

Amit’s unparalleled dedication during this COVID-19 lockdown proved even during times of adversity you can change your situation for a better tomorrow.

Amit’s transformation photo speaks about his dedication and love for fit lifestyle.

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results.

Being a part of team BTS helped Amit to sharpen his already acquired knowledge about nutrition, famous diets, fitness myths, and fitness facts and helped him to quickly grasp things better and make his dream of achieving a fit lifestyle a reality.

COVID-19 Fitness Transformation & Home Workout Results

Amit’s starting weight was 78 kg and his final dream goal body was achieved within four months and his weight stood at 72 kg.

Quantified nutrition, healthy diet & home workout plan and his positive mind helped Amit achieve his fitness goal. A COVID-19 fitness transformation!

Within 4 months his body composition changed and Amit started feeling better, healthier and fitter than before.

Amit’s dedication and association with team BTS and his trust during this critical time proved how strong we grew as a team since the beginning and now we’re busy building ourselves as well!

Patience, perseverance and dedication and his Mentor buddy Vivek made Amit’s fitness transformation a joyride! 

Wishing Amit all the best and we know we have a winner in our team! Let’s build a stronger, fitter and healthier future together. This is just the beginning!

All the best from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Amit!

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