Avijay’s Success Story

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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Avijay’s Success Story

Starting weight: 60 kg

Current weight: 74 kg

Plan: Health Plan x 2

Duration: 1 year

We’re back again with another inspiring story just for you.
Avijay Singh, a lawyer by profession, spends most of his time at work and gym. Being a lean guy he wanted to build some muscle to look strong and healthy at the same time.
He knew to achieve the perfect muscular body, a perfect balance of workout and nutrition is very much important.

That’s where it all began for Avijay.

Avijay, being a dedicated person made it a point to never skip gym even though his work at times made it pretty complicated to balance his fit lifestyle.

Avijay started his fitness journey with BTS and his only dream of gaining muscle started to come true.
He chose Health plan (6 months) twice and continued his journey for a year under mentor Vivek until the day he saw his dream take a shape into reality. His constant inspiration was the guy he saw in the mirror and it made him come to a decision to achieve a physique of his dream.

Today his amazing result makes him feel proud and it makes others realize how easy it is to achieve a dream if you set your mind and heart for it.
Avijay is known as the “lawyer who lifts”

This is Avijay’s fitness journey with BTS and we’re proud to see him reach his goals because he was pretty determined to reach it just like all our #BTSFitFam. BTS Team congratulates him for his success and wishes him all the best for his awesome life.

Anything is possible when you’re with BTS. When are you starting your fitness journey?

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