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Trained By: Amit Singh

Debjit’s Success Story

“Enjoy the difficulty. Love the process.” That’s how it all began for Debjit. He was into fitness and was working out for the last 1 year but couldn’t achieve his dream of a ripped physique.

Just like any other fitness enthusiast, Debjit too had a same dream, a ripped physique. But it seemed impossible to achieve no matter what he followed online. Lack of proper training and nutrition plan was the real cause. He thought his body will never listen to what he wants. Given his job and busy lifestyle, following a healthy routine was a bit tough to follow daily. Then he came to know about BTS and how we’re helping people get their dream physique with right fitness training and nutrition plan.

He found the perfect workout and diet plan as per his requirement and enrolled in the BTS fitness program (Master Plan) under Mentor Amit.

Within a week he started seeing results. Comparing his starting weight and few selfies, he was self motivated to pursue his goals towards achieving his dream physique.

Within 3 months, he lost 5 kgs and his dream of a ripped physique came true.

It was a rollercoaster ride for Debjit and finding time to follow a healthy lifestyle everyday made him irritated at times but nevertheless he pursued and with the constant guidance and inspiration by BTS team, it was too tough for him to give up on his dream now as it wasn’t just him dreaming but it was our dream too.

As Debjit says, “It’s pretty hard at the beginning when you actually come to know what you had been doing till now was all wrong and then following the right plan and maintaining it everyday is what makes it more challenging. At times I wanted to give up but I wasn’t allowed to because my dream wasn’t my dream anymore, it was our dream and I had to achieve it. I started to enjoy the difficulty and fell in love with the process slowly. I believe anything is possible if you want it. Now I can proudly say, if I can do it, you can too. We all spend so much time and money on mere things, but ignore the most important thing we have, our body. You need to take care of it before it’s too late.”

So when are you sharing your transformation story?

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