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Devanshu’s Transformation Story


Name :- Devanshu
Profession:- College Student
Initial weight :- 83 kg
Current:- 68 kg
Time taken :- 5 months
Trainer:- Ritesh Dewangan

We are always excited to share amazing transformation stories with our fit community. So, here we are with another awesome transformation story of Devanshu!

Devanshu, a college student with a busy schedule just like any other college goers has to attend 7-8 hours of classes daily, sometimes extra classes then self studies which cause the usual stress that anyone of this age usually goes through daily.

As a baby, Devanshu was a chubby and cute one, but as a teenager looking cute and chubby was no more a cool thing! So there started his pursuit of weight loss solution and thus BTS came into the scene once again.

With Ritesh’s guidance and Devanshu’s persistence the weight loss goal was finally achieved. It was a team success and both of them won.

His amazing transformation photo speaks about the hard work and dedication he has put into himself and thus proved himself and everyone else who wants to go through weight loss journey RIGHT!

His starting weight was 83 kg and lost 15 kg in 5 month of time-span.

He was in caloric deficit diet with structured workout plan as per his desired weight loss goal.

With Devanshu, it was easy to reach the desired weight loss goal because instead of complicating the whole journey, we made it simple:

❌ No fancy exercise plan, just the basics.
❌ No fancy item in diet, all foods that we included in his diet was as per his personal choice and preference.
❌ No crap diet or famous diets like juice diet or GM diet, all macro-nutrients were distributed in a rightful manner.

Devanshu and I have worked together for his weight loss goal and he has:

✅ Made changes in his lifestyle, slowly good habits were introduced!
✅ Exercises were planned for 5 days a week with a customised workout plan which was created to reach his desired goal.
✅ Understood importance of quantified nutrition.
✅ Learned to count his own calories & macros and to eat healthy on his own. BUT most of all he enjoyed the easy and delicious meal plans that were created just for him.
✅ Understood food replacement.

As a result he regained his happiness, confidence and feels amazing about the person he sees looking back at himself in the mirror.

I’m beyond excited to help you get results like Devanshu!

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