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fitness transformation with BTS | Online home workout plan
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Esha’s Transformation Story

Online Home Workout With BTS  #BTSInspiringStories

Name: Esha Saha
Profession: College Student
Initial weight: 85 kg
Current weight: 68 kg
Time took:  3 months
Trainer: Divyani Singh
Fitness Plan: Master Plan

Utilizing time during lockdown, this is how Esha planned her fitness transformation journey with BTS’s online home workout solution.

Becoming strong doesn’t start in the gym, it starts in your head!

Esha, a bubbly 20 something college student had a tremendously fun and exciting life just like others of her age but there was one thing that made her feel conscious about herself.

Esha’s weight started to make her feel tired most of the time.

At her age when someone has to manage a lot of stuffs together, she used to run on low energy which made her feel bad.

The mean people around her took the chance to make her feel worse and being fat shamed just became a part of her life.

She suffered from body aches at times due to her weight, it was a constant turmoil for her! A fight she had to fight both internally and externally.

But this isn’t how she planned her life, so without thinking twice, she took the step of getting fitter and not a quitter.

Initially, Esha started her fitness journey all by herself from preparing her own diet to workout routine, she had everything planned and it started working out for her as well.

But she wanted her fitness journey to not just be a one time goal and wanted this to be a part of who she is.

Adapting a healthy and fit lifestyle became her motto, thus BTS came in to guide her throughout her fitness journey with a perfect online home workout solution.

COVID-19 Fitness Transformation With BTS

Getting fit without a gym isn’t a problem anymore. There are many fitness platforms just like ours helping people get fit wherever they are.

For Esha, choosing the perfect fitness plan which will match her fitness goal wasn’t a tough task. The master plan seemed just the perfect one for getting fit at home.

Mentor Divyani started training Esha, a healthy customized diet and easy online home workout routine was prepared as per Esha’s preference.

Esha’s exceptional dedication during this time proved even during times of adversity you can learn to adapt and be better for the future. She never skipped a workout session or a meal, and never failed to enjoy her cheat days to the fullest!

fitness transformation with BTS | Online home workout and diet plan

Esha’s transformation photo is a proof of her dedication. Love for fit lifestyle will always give you the result you’re looking for!

Fitness Transformation Journey & Online Home Workout Results

Esha’s starting weight was 85 kg and her dream, a fit body was achieved within three months and her weight stood at 68 kg.

Quantified nutrition, nutritious diet & home workout and her extremely fun and positive attitude helped Esha achieve her fitness goal. A proud fitness transformation story!

Within 3 months her appearance changed and Esha started feeling better, healthier and fitter than before, her naysayers stopped spreading negativity about her, and the bullies finally realised what they did was wrong!

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Esha’s dedication and finally achieving her fitness goal with team BTS during this critical time proved it’s never too late to achieve your dream and the first person you need to convince is YOU!

Trust, faith, dedication and positive attitude and her Mentor Divyani made Esha’s fitness transformation a fulfilling journey during this turbulent time! 

Wishing Esha all the best and lot more success for a great future ahead!

Let’s build a stronger, fitter and healthier future together. Congratulations from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Esha!

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