Hari Suman’s Transformation Story

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Healthy lifestyle with BTS. Start your fitness journey today, be a part of the best fitness community in India.
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Hari Suman’s Transformation Story


Name :- Hari Suman
Profession:- IT professional
Initial weight :- 78 kg
Current:- 67 kg
Time taken :- 4 months
Trainer:- Kumar Vivek

We love sharing happy transformation stories and because it’s Christmas, we thought why not share one today? So, here we are with another awesome transformation story of Hari Suman!

An IT professional by choice, Suman is the perfect combination of work and play but somehow he was unable to stick to a healthy lifestyle even though he wanted to!

Suman was not exactly out of shape, but he was skinny fat and wanted to get rid of those extra kilos and make his reflection on the mirror a striking one!

But as we all know, following a strict diet & fitness routine is not just hard but also it’s tough to be consistent throughout the journey. And then there comes Genie!

BTS team and its enthusiastic mentors are always ready to train people just like Suman to live their best life possible even if it means working 10 hours straight and then going for a party at night!

Suman started his fitness journey with Mentor Vivek and followed a healthy lifestyle with some customization on his fitness and diet routine as per his fitness goals and was able to achieve his goal weight within 4 months.

Mentor Vivek and Suman worked pretty consistently towards the fitness goal and the result showed how much dedication both of them had during this awesome journey.

Our clients inspire us to be better than yesterday and our mentors help us to realise why we need to follow our heart and live our best life everyday.

We believe Christmas is all about the good feeling that we feel inside and everyday can be Christmas if we want.

Healthy lifestyle with BTS. Start your fitness journey today, be a part of the best fitness community in India.
It’s just a matter of choice to follow our dreams and pursue it with dedication and consistency.

This Christmas gift yourself the perfect gift just like Suman did “a healthy lifestyle“!

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