Monirupa’s Success Story

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Trained By: Soumak Basu

Monirupa’s Success Story

Starting weight: 90 kg
Current weight:73 kg
Plan: Health Plan
Duration: 6 months

Losing weight isn’t always fun and games. People who have tried to lose weight sometimes failed miserably but few have endured the pain and continued no matter what came infront of them.

Today we’re back again with a new transformation story of Monirupa. A bubbly, cheerful college student who had a same wish like many, to lose weight.
She tried a number of crash diets like GM diet , egg diet but nothing seemed to work. It made her hungry and so she started to binge eat and made her condition worse.

Monirupa’s weight reached 90 kg even after trying out healthy diets and it made her worried. That’s when she found BTS and found out about our healthy diet and fitness plans. It was a smooth ride for her as she was guided by our trainers to choose the right diet and workout plan as per her requirement and started her fitness journey under mentor Soumak Basu.

Monirupa’s lifestyle choices became better with BTS and she started to feel less lethargic and more energetic. Her mood swings, depression and confusion with what will work and what won’t finally came to an end. Food choices became better and exercise became a stress buster and within 6 months she reached her goal weight.

She lost a whooping 17 kg with BTS and her current weight is 73 kg. With a bright smile and healthy body, Monirupa is currently in a much better mood unlike before and now she can also tell you if you’re following an unhealthy lifestyle. Her confidence in herself increased because now she can differentiate between right and wrong properly without losing her mind.

Monirupa also learnt how to follow a healthy lifestyle without compromising what she loves.

This is her fitness journey with BTS and we’re happy to put a smile on her face yet again! We congratulate her for her success and wish her all the best for a happy and healthy life.

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