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Read Nain’s Transformation Story

Initial weight – 67

Current weight – 58

Earlier issue – PCOD and Unhealthy lifestyle

Profession – IT professional

Time taken – 3 months

Plan – Master Plan

Meet Nain, IT professional with a very busy schedule. A happy go lucky person living a good life. But due to her busy lifestyle, she is unable to make healthier choices consciously and this made her body suffer before she started our 3 months fitness program (Master Plan).

Nain developed PCOD due to unhealthy lifestyle which is one of the major cause of PCOD, and had to take control of her health before it’s too late, first stop was to lose weight.

Coming across BTS was as smooth as Yogurt (we could have said butter though but we’re health freaks right?) for her.

She started her weight loss program and trained with Vivek. Healthy diet & home workout helped Nain to shed 9 kg within 3 months and transform herself into her best self.

Within a month she started noticing changes in her body and within a span of 3 months she noticed how much lighter and healthier she is feeling from within. A perfect balanced diet helped her to stick to her weight loss goal for a long time.

She was surprised when we told her about our diet which is totally not a strict one. It was easy for her to adjust according to her own taste buds. This made her follow the diet happily without any hesitations.

We are happy seeing amazing people like Nain consciously choosing to live a healthy life with us.

We congratulate Nain for her amazing success and wish her the best of everything that life has to offer.

BTS is proud to be a part of Nain’s fitness journey.


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