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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Owez’s Success Story

“You may not be there, but you’re closer than yesterday”

Many times we say we will do this tomorrow, that tomorrow and almost everything “tomorrow”. But “tomorrow” never comes. Here’s a story of someone who didn’t believe in pushing things for “tomorrow”

Today we’re back again with a transformation story of Owez. Being in the IT field, it was pretty hard for him to workout and eat healthy at the same time. His poor lifestyle choices made him gain weight and he started to feel lethargic and had mood swings, sickness and depression. Food became his comfort and weight loss became an impossible thing.

But he wanted a change. He chose to do his favorite cardio workout in the gym but still couldn’t achieve his goal.

With no one to guide him, he started to look out for a solution online. That’s how he found out about BTS and its diet and fitness plans which doesn’t even require a hefty gym membership.

Mentor Vivek helped Owez to begin his 12 week’s Master plan and within 4 months he lost a whooping 11 kg. With right guidance and balanced diet, achieving his dream became possible within 4 months.

As Owez says ” Perseverance helps you achieve anything you want, if you have made up your mind to do something, you have to get it done. No excuses. Because at the end you will fall in love with the results and if you’re an emotional person, you might end up shedding few tears for yourself as well. But nevertheless everything will be worth it”

We’re proud of his amazing transformation journey and wish him all the best for his new life.

Anything is possible when you’re with BTS. When are you starting your fitness journey?

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