Pradipta’s Success Story

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Trained By: Soumak Basu

Pradipta’s Success Story

Initial weight : 117
Current weight : 97

“Be stronger than your excuses”

Let’s introduce Pradipta Das, who just like many wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here’s his story.

Being in the IT field, it is pretty hard to follow a healthy routine and stay away from delicious junk foods!

Following a routine requires dedication, persistence and a lot of strength to keep yourself away from things that are bad for you. Also, losing weight is no child’s play!

Working out doesn’t help you to lose weight if you don’t balance it with proper diet, because what goes in affects everything else.

That was the only reason Pradipta wanted a change to happen with him. He was tired of looking unfit even if he was trying hard not to. That’s how he came in contact with BTS Trainer Soumak.

Pradipta’s goal was simple, he wanted to eat healthy and stay fit without gaining weight with every meal.

With BTS diet and fitness plan it was easy for him to follow as there were no strict rules and restrictions that would harm his normal day to day life choices.

Mentor Soumak helped Pradipta to begin his 6 month’s transformation plan and it helped him lose 20 kgs and feel lighter than ever!

With right guidance and balanced diet, achieving his dream became possible.

As Pradipta says ” If you want something, you have to work hard for it. You cannot just wish for it and wait and hope everything is going to work on its own.” We’re proud of his amazing transformation journey and wish him all the best!

Anything is possible when you’re with BTS. When are you starting your fitness journey?

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