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Trained By: Pradeep Harpalkar

Read Jagdish’s Transformation Story

Thanks BTS for the transformation which I have got today.

Being in IT industry and all of above being more foodie and lazy has helped me to get Oval shape in span of few years, I always thought and tried to somewhat loose my weight but somehow due to my routines and habbits and more over that cravings always stopped me from a healthy diet (Dieting)

A huge Thanks to Mentor Pradeep Harpalkar for continuous motivation and followups and for adjusting diet as per my preference and routines and with very little workout and also guided me to how to control my cravings and without any supplements (usually which other nutritionist recommends for quick result). He helped me to stick to my diet which I some how in between left (due to laziness) but his follow-up help to again startup with it and now today its me who lost around 15+Kg, today whenever i show this pic it just amaze the people especially to friendz , family and colleagues.

Being fit has increased my productivity as well lessen mine laziness.

Thanks to BTS and especially Mr. Pradeep Harpalkar.

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