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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Read Kushagra’s Transformation Story

This is how it all began! The story of me (Kushagra) and my mentor and friend Vivek. We both met each other while we were working in Wipro. I was a big time binge eater which you will easily observe in my before pic with this post and Vivek was a gym freak but still people couldn’t realise this reality as we both looked FAT in short.

The most surprising thing was I knew that a lot of change was needed in my diet but Vivek, he used to consume things quoted as ‘Healthy Foods’, still no result?
His diet plan consisted boiled chicken, protein rich food, green tea and what not!

All this while Vivek was following some fitness channels on YouTube and it was there when he first heard about Keto diet. He did some voracious reading and exhaustive research and came out with a Keto Diet plan and started implementing on himself. I was a bit shaky on the first hand to implement the diet but I started noticing change in Vivek and got inspired by him only. After that there was no looking back for a month or so, but after shredding few pounds it stopped. Again Vivek started his research and came to know about adaptive thermogenesis and reverse dieting strategy among few others. He prepared a plan for both of us and we both kept monitoring our progress. He kept changing our diet plan after every 10 days. After 6 months we both were in a condition that people in our office were awestruck by our huge fat loss transformation.

My transformation was mind blowing(even you will also appreciate it though I was not hitting the gym at that time. Main reason behind our transformation was our huge dedication and most importantly our patience which helped us to keep calm and be aware of our goal. Our goal was realistic. We used to talk that we have gained quite a good amount of fat in 3-4 years so it will take time to get rid of it in a healthy way. Its very important during this process we don’t harm our body and also we don’t get back in that zone again if we stop all these. We also never compared ourselves with one another because everyone is different and their body responds in different way. But nevertheless we both had a great start to our fitness journey. Very soon after this BTS happened to Vivek and he is an integral part of it now.

Today’s reason behind this long post is first to congratulate my mentor Vivek for his time, dedication and effort towards me and himself. Big thanks to BTS for providing such great mentors who believes in himself so that we can believe in them!

What’s your story???

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