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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Read Russa’s Transformation Story

It was casual meet up and party scene with my brother and his friend….Like all other brothers he made me realise “YOU HAVE PUT ON SOOOOO MUCH WEIGHT”

Soon after the party the guilt started flowing in me and thus my journey started with him and his friend.

I am an all-time follower of healthy living but hostel life ruined my pattern and choices and I had put on a near about 9 kgs in few months. The best part of BTS is they allow you to eat enough and that too home made food (dal, chawal, paneer, chicken) which is very unusual when you hear about DIET. That made me more comfortable in hostel and thus my process began.

Vivek, friend of my brother and also my trainer, took care of all my tantrums, cravings and demands patiently which was a major support for me. Though he also complained enough number of times to my brother that I’m not maintaing the diet but it worked positively only.

I am attaching few of my pictures (traditional before-after pics) for all of you to judge. I feel much better, slimmer and in shape than ever before. And my love for BTS and demands will be everlasting.

Thank you Vivek and Mahadyuti.

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