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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Read Shrutii’s Transformation Story

It was in june 2018 that I weighed myself after people started commenting about my bulky figure and when I checked the scale I was so shocked to see I weighed 63.5 kgs whereas my height being 5.4 and that too in a span of 3 months I gained over 5 kgs as I moved to a different city. I decided to go through some YouTube videos and follow some silly videos which didn’t actually help. Then one fine day I interacted with one of my friend and I was amazed to see her transformation and then she told me about BTS (Body Transformation System).

Being so lazy and a foody I was not sure weather I will be able to do it or not. But then I decided if I have to do, I need to do it with determination and dedication. I started my full regime which had basic exercises and easy tasty diet. I did not join any gym nor any yoga classes. I just followed my regime as per my trainers guidance. And within a span of 20 days I saw a hell lot of diffrence in my body. Though my weight was same but fat loss and inches loss was huge. I continued doing it and you can see the diffrence in the below pictures.

I feel so accomplished now. It feels so good when you meet people and they tell you “You lost pounds and you look more beautiful”. Physically fit makes your mind super fit. It brings lot of confidence when you speak. It feels amazing, today I can’t imagine my life without working out. Not a tough workout but atleast some physical activity be it jogging, running or minimal exercise.

Fitness is important and also a never ending process. We should always strive for more. Now that I have lost all the fat on my body, this journey will continue to tone up with minimal exercise and a balanced diet ofcourse. What we build today will help tomorrow.

“Being fit is new sexy today”

I would really like to thank my trainer Vivek who guided me throughout and also answered my silly questions and helped me out during my cravings😄. Thank you so much for your constant motivation and support.

Also a lot of thanks to trainer Amit for all your efforts, guidance and motivation.

It wouldn’t have been possible without BTS. Thanks a lot BTS team for motivating people for fit body and for such great platform for people like us. #BTS


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