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Trained By: Vivek Kumar

Read Vikram’s Transformation Story

Mid way transformation :

Well honestly at first I too wanted 6 pack abs, biceps, wide chest,etc etc. So that people(i mean girls specifically 😋😋 )are impressed by me like they do by my friend and guide Kumar Vivek and few others.

But honestly I am far away from these childish thinking because of him who taught how healthy life can turn things for you.

Well i thought to share this so that people who are really lazy like might get motivated and use the platform to be a part of this healthy era. Yes i was really lazy and huge homo sapien. But slowly slowly when i blindly followed vivek One thing i knew is that proper diet and solid workout program can give you a new way of living life. It never happened in a day or a week nor even in a month. I took months to reduce almost 13kgs but with constant support from vivek and the result i was seeing with each month ,things were easier for me.

Heartly thanks to Vivek for being pateint to me. Guiding what to eat at the same time not being very strict to eat junk either.

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