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customised healthy diet & workout plan by BTS fitness India
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Saba’s Transformation Story


Name:- Saba Qureshi
Profession:- IT Professional
Initial weight:- 83 kg
Current weight:- 72 kg
Time took:- 4 months
Trainer:- Ritesh Dewangan

This is how home workout can help you! Read Saba’s amazing transformation with BTS.

Saba, an IT Professional whose schedule is just like everyone else, “BUSY” and accommodating a healthy lifestyle into her daily schedule seemed like a huge task!

Home workout it is!

Saba wanted to get healthier and ditch her current lifestyle for a healthier one, but how to find the perfect fitness solution, customised to her needs? Because going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer over there was not an option for her!

That’s when she found out about BTS.

With Mentor Ritesh by her side, following BTS customised healthy diet & workout plan seemed as easy as butter!

Saba’s dream of living a healthy & fit lifestyle seemed like easy work now!

customised healthy diet & workout plan by BTS fitness India

Her amazing transformation photo speaks about her hard work and determination she has put into herself every day and thus proved anything can be achieved if you put your mind and heart to it!

Though there were many ups and downs during Saba’s fitness journey and every time she fell down, she bounced back twice as hard!

Every failure was teaching her to be better and she quickly learned from her mistakes and gained more confidence with every passing day.

Saba took the time to learn about nutrition, famous diet & fitness myths and facts and why it is not right to listen to whatever people suggest you follow. Rather it is always better to listen to the right mentor because they’re going to understand your lifestyle pattern, foods that you eat, nutrition that you get from your daily diet and how everything can be organized in such a manner so that you get the best results and achieve your goals without starving or following famous diets!

Saba’s starting weight was 83 kg and she successfully lost 11 kg in 4 months of time-span.

Quantified nutrition, customised healthy diet & workout plan where strength training played a major part, and positive attitude helped Saba to reach her fitness goal with Mentor Ritesh.

Adapting small lifestyle changes every day made Saba realize how easy it is to achieve bigger things if we break them into small parts and follow them daily.

As a result, Saba achieved her dream of leading a healthy lifestyle without starving or following famous diets, nor did she had to go to a gym. Her confidence improved and she became happier than ever before.

Wishing Saba all the best and hope she achieves everything that is there to achieve because we now know she can achieve anything if she wants, so all the best to her from team BTS!

We’re beyond excited to help you get results like Saba!

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