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fitness transformation journey with BTS | online fitness platform
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Santosh’s Transformation Story

Online Fitness Transformation Journey With BTS  #BTSInspiringStories

Fitness transformation journey, easy to hear, hard to follow!

fitness transformation journey with BTS | online fitness platform

Name: Santosh Dubey
Age: 35
Profession: IT professional
Initial weight: 82 kg
Current weight: 65 kg
Time took: 7 months
Trainer: Pradeep
Fitness Plan: Fundamental Plan
Diet: Eggeterian

Getting fit is easy if your eyes are set on the goal, and this is how Santosh planned his fitness transformation journey with BTS online home workout plan, absolutely customized as per his choice.

Results happen over time, not overnight – work hard, stay consistent, and be patient.

Santosh, NRI from Canada wanted to get fit but didn’t know how and that’s when he found BTS.

At 35, he felt it’s high time to get start working out and get fit before it’s too late.

Leading a good and healthy lifestyle was his motto and being fit was the only solution. But how to get fit? That’s when he found us online and went for the 1 month fundamental plan, and he got so satisfied that he renewed the plan for the next 6 months.

Mentor Pradeep assisted Santosh on his fitness transformation journey and it was pretty easy for Santosh to follow the diet and workout customized as per his choice, even a little red wine was allowed.

Within a month he started noticing change, and this made him so proud that he continued with BTS and for the next 6 months he followed the diet and workout routine, customized whenever required and his goal was achieved.

Watching himself infront of the mirror now wasn’t a big deal, there he was, standing, confident, with a big grin, proud for whatever he has achieved. Giving up wasn’t an option for Santosh in this past 7 months, and due to his amazing attitude, it wasn’t hard for Mentor Pradeep to give Santosh the perfect support which he needed to achieve his fitness goals.

Santosh’s transformation photo is a proof of his dedication.

Fitness Transformation Journey & Home Workout Results

Santosh’s starting weight was 82 kg and his dream goal weight came down to 65 kg within 7 months.

Quantified nutrition & home workout and his positive attitude helped Santosh achieve his fitness goal. An amazing fitness transformation story!

It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger!

Santosh’s dedication and finally achieving his fitness transformation goal within 7 months with team BTS during this unprecedented time proved that if you convice yourself for a goal, it becomes pretty easy to achieve.

He believed he could, so he did.

Santosh’s fitness transformation journey is just another fitness story that proves faith, dedication and positive attitude and an amazing Mentor like Pradeep makes for an absolute fun transformation, something that might seem impossible for others, isn’t even tough for us. If you’re ready, so are we!

Wishing Santosh all the best, may he achieve success in every step of his life!

Let’s build a stronger, fitter and healthier future together. Congratulations from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Santosh!

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