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Trained By: Amit Singh

Satyaveer’s Success Story

Starting Weight: 89 kg
Body Fat percentage: 34%
Current Weight: 69 kg
Body Fat percentage: 18% .

“Stop underestimating yourself.” That’s what kept motivating Satyaveer, Mentor Amit’s client. A hardworking professional Satyaveer or Ricky (nickname) was looking to start a healthy lifestyle which would keep his mind and body fit.

To him fitness was not just about working out 4 days a week but also about eating right. But it’s tough to understand what works and what doesn’t according to a specific body type. So he wasn’t able to see much difference no matter how much pain his body went through. That’s what motivated him to find a solution and he contacted BTS.

Choosing the right plan wasn’t a problem as he was guided through all the plans by a Mentor and chose a plan that would meet his expectations. He chose the 12 weeks Master plan and within 12 weeks he transformed into a whole new person. With a balance of right diet and workout, he lost 20 kg within 3 months. Starting weight was at 89 and with BTS he came down to 69 kg, incredible statistics!

No matter how hard it seemed at times, he didn’t underestimate his potential and thanks to BTS transformation stories that he used to read while going through the transformation, they inspired him to not give up and go big and achieve the goal. Today he’s a happy guy just like he was when we met him, but now he has a confidence that comes when you achieve a goal that’s closer to your heart and challenge yourself to be your best.

Persistence and a positive attitude helped him to meet his healthy lifestyle goal.

So when will you start?

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