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Shivangi’s Transformation Story


Name:- Shivangi
Profession:- IT Professional
Initial weight :- 80 kg
Current:- 66 kg
Time took:- 3 months
Trainer:- Divyani Singh

We are back again with another transformation story to share with our fitness community. Let’s begin, shall we?

Shivangi, an IT Professional with a pretty hectic schedule just like her peers who are busy accommodating with their newfound lifestyle managing work, family & health seamlessly.

To Shivangi, family, finance, and good health always comes first. But fitting everything into her busy schedule seemed pretty problematic because being fit means you have to hit the gym at least 2 to 3 times a week!

She had PCOD and her current lifestyle was doing more harm than good and was a recipe for disaster. Her Doctor warned her as well and losing weight was the only way she could live a healthy lifestyle.

But her schedule wouldn’t allow her to go to a gym either! What’s the Plan B then? “Home workout,” she thought!

That’s when she found out about BTS and the option to avail home workout plan made her realize this is what she was looking for!

Home workout to the rescue!

Shivangi’s dream of living a fit lifestyle seemed like easy work now!

With Mentor Divyani’s guidance and Shivangi’s perseverance, the healthy weight loss goal was finally achieved.

Shivangi’s fitness routine was customized as a home workout plan as she didn’t have access to the gym.

Shivangi’s customized home workout plan consisted of a healthy weight loss diet and exercise routine and proved to be an amazing team success!

Her awesome transformation photo speaks about the hard work and determination she has put into herself and thus proved herself and everyone else who are planning to go through the weight loss journey that it is POSSIBLE!

Shivangi’s starting weight was 80 kg and lost 14 kg in 3 months of time-span.

It was easy to reach the desired weight loss goal for Shivangi because instead of complicating the whole weight loss journey, the BTS weight loss plan was simplified:

❌ No fancy exercise routine, just the basics.
❌ No luxurious item in diet, all the foods that were included in her diet was as per her preference.
❌ No famous diets were followed. All macro-nutrients were distributed in a rightful manner.

Shivangi and Divyani have worked together for her healthy weight loss goal and Shivangi has:

✅ Made changes in her lifestyle adapted to good habits.
✅ The home workout plan was planned for 5 days a week to reach her desired goal.
✅ Shivangi understood the importance of quantified nutrition.
✅ Shivangi learned to count her own calories & macros and learned to eat healthy on her own. BUT most of all she was surprised to see that she was missing out on the nutritious options that are easily available.
✅ Understood food replacement and also decided she would be teaching others about the importance of eating healthy and choosing the right foods.

As a result, Shivangi regained her confidence and became the vibrant and amazing person she always was and losing weight made her conscious about her health even more and she’s here to make herself better with each passing day starting now!

Wishing Shivangi all the success for the future from Team BTS!


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