Mouli’s Success Story

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Trained By: Rahul Rawat

Mouli’s Success Story

Starting a fitness journey may always seem like a challenging thing to do, but our clients feel otherwise!

Today we’re here to share Mouli’s transformation story. Just like any other fitness enthusiast, Mouli too wanted to be fit, but she didn’t feel convinced enough about meeting her weight loss goals within 3 months, nevertheless she enrolled in the BTS fitness program (master plan) under Mentor Rahul.

Within weeks she started seeing results. It motivated her more to pursue her goals towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. With weight loss, other health factors also improved which made her feel fit, healthy and energetic like never before.

Mouli says “Along with my weight control my hemoglobin has improved (which historically was always low), body fat percentage, metabolic age, and I feel more energised than ever. Which for me are key fitness measurement. If I can do it… Anyone can do it. I have learned a healthy lifestyle only requires determination”

So when are you sharing your transformation story?

Get healthy, get fit with BTS. Start your transformation journey today.

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