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Trained By: Kunal Kumar Singh

Indu’s Success Story

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” that was the motto of Indu when she started her fitness journey. Starting a fitness journey always seem like a challenging thing to do, but she felt otherwise!

Today we’re here again with an awesome transformation story.

Just like any other fitness enthusiast, Indu too wanted to be fit. Her reasons were similar like everyone else except she had thyroid problems and wanted to take control of her body before it was too late. She was also suffering from Hypothyroid with TSH level close to 10.

Being into IT, it was getting hard for her to keep up with growing demands of her job to lead a healthy lifestyle. The requirement of a healthy lifestyle became a need of the hour when she was detected with thyroid.

She searched online for fitness trainer, diet plans and found BTS. Luckily she found the perfect workout and diet plan as per her requirements and enrolled in the BTS fitness program (master plan) under Mentor Kunal.

Within 2 weeks she started seeing results. Comparing her starting weight and selfie, she was motivated to pursue her goals towards achieving a fitter lifestyle.

With weight loss, other health factors improved, her thyroid level came down to 5. It was an instant delight to her eyes and boosted her confidence.

As Indu says,

“It’s pretty easy to achieve anything if you make your mind for it. It’s ok to fall down but it’s not ok to stay there.” So when are you sharing your transformation story?

Get healthy, get fit with BTS. Start your transformation journey today.

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