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Vikas’s Transformation Story


Name: Vikas Badgujjar
Profession: College student
Initial weight: 59 kg
Current weight: 70 kg
Time took: 15 months
Trainer: Kunal
Fitness Plan: Master Plan


Fitness goal, a dream, and a little guidance. A transformation that made his dreams possible.

Here’s how a college student’s determination helped him to get fit. Read Vikas’s amazing transformation with BTS.

Vikas, a college student, and a fitness enthusiast always wanted to look fit.

Just like every college student, managing time for college and studies and also living on a tight budget was the main factor why achieving his fitness dream didn’t seem possible at the moment.

But without giving up on his dreams so fast, he tried to find a solution online and that’s how he found out about us.

Body Transformation System, a fitness platform entirely dedicated to helping everyone start working out right at home without any type of equipment.

A customized diet and workout plan was given to him as per his diet and workout preference by Mentor Kunal.

The 3 months plan (Master Plan) suited Vikas’s fitness goal and he started working out as per the routine. 

Vikas was extremely dedicated during his fitness journey with BTS and after 3 months he didn’t want to stop rather he wanted to continue and renew his fitness plan with BTS, but being a student, money was a big issue.

Seeing Vikas’s dedication to getting fit and eagerness to achieve his fitness goal, Mentor Kunal decided to continue to be his fitness mentor and assist him for free.

Vikas’s goal of getting fit and learning how to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle even on a tight budget became true with BTS and Mentor Kunal’s support.

With Mentor Kunal by his side throughout the 1-year journey, following BTS customised healthy diet & workout plan seemed pretty easy to follow!

And it was time for Vikas’s dream of living a healthy & fit lifestyle within a limited budget, at last, came true!

His transformation picture speaks about his dedication and hard work and consistency.

If there is a will, there is a way, and Vikas proved it right.

There were few ups and downs during Vikas’s fitness journey but he never complained or tried to give up, rather he stood back up like he never fell in the first place.

Vikas learned about nutrition, famous diets, fitness myths, and fitness facts.

He also learned how he doesn’t have to follow whatever everyone says about fitness because no one is same, so a certain diet or workout won’t give same result for two different people all the time.

Achieving any fitness goal is easy if you’re determined to work for it!

Vikas’s starting weight was 59 kg and his final dream goal body was achieved within a year and his weight stood at 70 kg.

Quantified nutrition, customized healthy diet & home workout plan, and a positive mind helped Vikas achieve his fitness goal.

Vikas’s perseverance gave him the dream fit bod that he has today. He dreamed it first and made it real with the guidance of BTS mentor Kunal.

Wishing Vikas all the best and hope he achieves all his future goals just like this one, wholeheartedly!

His charming smile and confidence are sure to bring him success in every path of his life.

All the best to him from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you get results like Vikas!

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