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running a marathon at 50, BTS fitness blog
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Mr.Vineet’s Inspiring Story


Name: Vineet Midha
Profession: Government Employee
Initial weight: 90 kg
Current weight: 80 kg
Time took: 4 months
Trainer: Vivek
Diet: Non-Veg
Fitness plan: Health Plan

Running a marathon at 46? If you think working out is all about losing weight and getting fit when you’re in your 20s or 30s, you are wrong! Here’s an amazing transformation story of one such great inspiration.

running a marathon at 50, BTS fitness blog

Achieving fit lifestyle and running a half marathon at 46! Here’s how it happened.

Mr. Vineet, as you can see is a busy young gentleman in his early 50s and his requirement was not like everyone else, he came to BTS not to lose those extra kilos but to get ready to take part in a 21 km half marathon!

Among many other goals, running a half marathon became one of his most important goals ever. Weight loss was imminent.

Mentor Vivek took this great opportunity to be a part of this amazing fitness goal, an unique weight loss journey with an amazing goal of running a marathon at 46!

The training started and after 3 months Mr.Vineet was able to complete a 10 km marathon within 59 mins.

Once this goal was reached, Mentor Vivek and Mr.Vineet moved forward to complete the next challenge of achieving his next goal of completing 21 km.

After rigorous training for 1 month, Mr.Vineet proudly achieved his goal and was able to complete 21 km in 2hr and 16 mins.

running a marathon at 50, BTS fitness blog

Throughout his training, we understood why you need a goal to achieve anything in life.

Mr. Vineet also proved age is just a number, if you want something, you can get it, you just have to work really smart and never give up no matter how hard the journey can get at times.

With BTS, Mr. Vineet learned how to follow a perfectly balanced lifestyle without compromising the things he loves to do.

With a little help from BTS online fitness trainer Vivek, Mr.Vineet achieved his dream goal.

A span of just 4 months and his determination proved that no matter what your age is, you can achieve anything.

Mr.Vineet’s dream of taking part in a marathon while losing weight at the same time inspired us as a team as well, because once people start to believe that anyone can achieve anything, the World starts to get better.

With BTS, he learned how to adjust a healthy lifestyle in a busy daily schedule and how tasty food doesn’t have to make you fat. It’s all about learning how to have a healthy and balance lifestyle without compromising everything that you love.

From leading an unhealthy lifestyle to run a half marathon at 46, Mr.Vineet proved, age is just a number!

His before and after photos speak about how much he had put his heart and mind to work and achieved yet another amazing goal of his successful life.

Smart work, determination, and a dream are all it takes!

There minor challenges throughout the fitness journey but his will to succeed was stronger than everything else.

It was a win-win situation for BTS and Mr.Vineet because we always believe we can achieve anything that we want, and Mr.Vineet believed in the same motto as well!

“It all starts with a dream” that’s how Mr.Vineet started this journey and achieved his goal of running a marathon at 46! Something that not many would dream of.

We feel proud to see him achieve his dream with BTS and we are so proud that it wasn’t just a weight loss journey like many other clients. This was something more. Something to always remember. Something that made us believe that it’s always possible.

Wishing Mr.Vineet all the best for his amazing future and we hope he dares to dream more such dream and inspires many around him because we’re already inspired! Now here’s our bit, sharing this inspiring story with our amazing community!

All the best from team BTS!

We’re super excited to help you achieve your dreams like Mr.Vineet!

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