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Have you seen the movie Pumping Iron? The critics say that the movie has heart, soul, guts, perspiration and plenty of muscles. We can vouch for Amit as we have seen him bringing change in his own personality and others through his zeal and devotion. Amit has also participated in Mr. India Physique Athlete 2018. If you like to be thrilled and fit, then we would recommend Amit who would bring in his heart, soul, guts and plenty of muscles to your physique and style of exercise. Trainer Quote: ‘I started lifting weight 8 years ago and it became an important part of my lifestyle. I became passionate about fitness and a well built figure. Hence, I chose fitness as my profession and completed my certification with International Sports Sciences Association. I have been a trainer for 5 years and I am currently associated with BTS. I have joined BTS as it allows me to work on a new platform which is digital and resourceful. It would allow me to plan and decide the best routine for my trainees. I am here to assist you on your Nutritional and Exercise routine. ‘