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I met with a major car accident in January 2017. My cervical got majorly injured , ribs and wrist was fractured, and most importantly both knee ligaments got raptured. There were 16 injuries in my entire body. Doctor’s advised me to go for a full knee reconstruction and bedrest for 18 months.I got my surgery done as per doctor’s advise, but the time span for my rest was reduced to 2 months and I got back to my normal life very soon. As an instructor I am in this profession since 2 years now. I have faced hardships in life which many people have not, but i choose to face those hardship and overcome them rather, instead of running out of the situation. So I know the magic how to overcome from obstacles, by doing regular exercises because being fit is in my blood!! And now here I am totally fit and fine. The transformation in this one year after my accident and surgeries are in leaps and bounds. I am excited to be a part of BTS to achieve my and also help others to achieve their fitness goals in life.