How To Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Process

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How To Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Process

Fat loss! The word that keeps everyone busy and thus hitting the gym and eating consciously becomes a necessity for many.

Everyone wants to lose fat rapidly and almost every fitness fanatic, cardio bunny, and health enthusiast probably know that to lose fat you need a negative energy balance (means you need to consume fewer calories than your daily energy expenditure).

In order to achieve a negative energy balance, we start following a caloric deficit diet in combination with a well-designed training program.

non exercise activity thermogenesis | fat loss journey with BTS

Is there anything else apart from the gym and diet which you can do to accelerate the fat loss process?
The answer is yes.

You might be thinking how it is possible? Am I talking about increasing gym time or dieting harder?

No dude I am not going to talk about gym or diet.

To get your answer, you need to first understand, how your daily energy expenditure is calculated:

TDEE (Total Daily Energy expenditure)= BMR + EAT + TEF + NEAT

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) – Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories the body needs to stay alive and keep its organs functioning in a resting state.

Exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT) – is the energy expended from exercise that we intentionally engage in (anything you do at the gym, going on a brisk run, etc.). We focus on activity thermogenesis – calories burned while exercising – when attempting to lose weight.

Thermic Effect of food (TEF) – Amount of energy required to process the food you consume.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) – is the energy expended for everything we do when we’re not sleeping or exercising.

BMR, TEF and EAT are managed by diet and exercise, the only thing which is left is “NEAT” and I am going to talk about the importance of NEAT in your fat loss process and how to increase your NEAT.

Want to improve your fat loss process? it’s not as hard as you think! Keep reading to know how you can achieve a great fat loss!

Sadly, most individuals do not know of the power of NEAT (NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Our jobs and careers tend to impact our levels of NEAT greatly.

Occupational NEAT is the activity thermogenesis resulting from work. Nurses, waiters or waitresses, construction workers, or personal trainers – anyone working in an occupation that requires you to be on your feet moving about or engaging in any physical activity – would have levels of NEAT enough to make the rest of us green with envy.

For the rest of us who spend Monday to Friday chained to our desks sending e-mails, our levels of NEAT are generally appalling.

The difference in energy expenditure between active and sedentary jobs can run into hundreds and hundreds of calories.
There are certainly ways to increase NEAT ( non-exercise activity thermogenesis ) even when working in a sedentary occupation. You can do so either by working in some NEAT throughout the workday or upping leisure NEAT, the thermogenesis resulting from how you spend your spare time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t try to do so. We consistently and completely overlook NEAT.

Tips to increase your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) :

1. Take the stairs

This is by far the simplest way to expend more energy throughout the day, and the easiest to accomplish. Ditch the elevator.

Of course, if you work on the 12th floor, no one expects you to crawl your way to your desk every morning. But if you have just a few flights, go the old-fashioned way – on foot.

2) Break up your day

Break up your day with short walks or trips. just get up and go for a 10-15-minutes of stroll every few hours to get your legs working.

Once you get into the habit of it, you’ll crave the movement. Sitting for hours on end will feel unnatural and uncomfortable.

3) Walk while you talk

Many people have meetings or take phone calls during a work or school day. Take these opportunities to get in a little movement. Not only can this increase your NEAT, but it can help relax you and stimulate your brain.

Walk or pace around whenever you talk to someone on the phone.

Ask a colleague, teacher, or professor to go for a walk while you have a scheduled or even unscheduled meeting. This can help relax what might be a tense situation or help you think more clearly

4) Do the dance and clean

Cleaning is one of the necessities in life. But it’s also one of the easiest ways to boost your NEAT. Turn up the music to pep your step the next time you clean.

By doing these activities if you are able to complete 7-8k steps a day, For every 1000 step our body burns 60 calories, with this calculation you are going to burn 420 to 480 extra calorie per day apart from gym and diet, it means you are going to burn 3000-3200 extra calorie per week. By this rule, you are going to lose 1.5 to 2 kg extra in 1 month.


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