Obesity and Weight Loss at 62? Read This Amazing Transformation Story

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Obesity and Weight Loss at 62? Read This Amazing Transformation Story

Age no bar  – Tale of a 62 year old’s transformation journey

With great power comes great responsibility but with great age comes wisdom, ailment and aches. Haha!

Wisdom is something they don’t complain about but what about the other two?

After a good amount of research (1) it is proven that age related health issues and diseases are the results of a sedentary lifestyle and side – effects of taking unnecessary medications just for a quick relief.

Hence, it is really important to not let your age define your fitness routine rather you should be performing light exercises 3-4 times a week with some quantified food intake as it can really help you.

So, today we are going to share an awesome inspirational story of one our very dedicated 62 year old client. Her name is Sipra, whom we lovingly call Sipra Ma’am and it’s really amazing to see how small changes and profitable healthy swaps can transform your life for a greater good.

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Sipra, hailing from a typical Bengali family is a loving mom, caring wife and an ideal homemaker who has always been the backbone of her family.

Bengalis are a big time foodies as well. At the age of 62, Sipra Ma’am was under medications related to thyroid, high blood pressure, severe osteoarthritis (knee), blood sugar etc. In short she was in a lot of pain both mentally as well as physically.

Obesity is one of the major reasons of many ailments in old age.

No sooner people started to pour in their precious advises like


❌ Eating non-veg food items

❌ Always rest your knees

❌ Eat these tablets for pain relief

❌ Do that do this and what not!

One of the major concern for her was obesity which she was fighting for a long time. She came across BTS via browsing the internet and contacted us. Initially she was very much sceptical, concerned and confused about following a healthy diet and weight loss plan which was very normal due to her age.

Obesity in the elderly is more complicated than you think!

She weighed around 71 kg’s and her height was 5’2”. 

This was a very unique case to BTS, but did we do anything special? Yes definitely, we did something special by keeping the whole thing simple!

Ask me how? We thoroughly analysed Sipra ma’am’s daily routine, eating habits, sleeping time, activity level etc. She was a home-maker but she had a habit of brisk walking which we encouraged a lot.

Now the best part, the diet! You will be amazed to know about her diet which consisted of fish and chicken throughout the week, her diet was not different than of a 30 year old young man half of her age.

Yes, the quantity was readily controlled by our nutrition expertsIn her words – ‘I was having a gala time. The fear of consuming non-veg is gone forever. I am convinced with quantified nutrition and qualified experts its possible at any point in your life!’

She has proudly lost around 9 kg with BTS, but weight loss was not at all our only goal in her case. We tried our best to give her back her much needed relief.

Good news is that Sipra Ma’am’s medicine dosage has been reduced to half for thyroid, diabetes and blood pressure is inching towards normal. She will be 63 this December but still grinding!

Her smile is back in her face. Is she recognisable? That question we will keep it with you all!

Sipra ma’am has indeed proven ‘AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!’. Keep watching this space for more awesome stories like this.

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