Health Plan

180 days training program

MRP: 15,000.00 12,000.00

Features :

  • Plan of 6 months
  • Step by Step plan for nutrition and workout
  • No extreme diet plans & Complete support of mentors
  • Refund available, if dissatisfied
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Health plan is a long term diet and fitness plan and requires your commitment for 6 months. This plan will give you a basic idea about nutrition you need to intake and the possible ways of maintaining your desired weight without worries. Health plan will help you achieve those muscular arms you have always thought of and the abs you have always craved for. We will take you slow and increase the speed as time goes. Rigorous workout and extreme diets can make you unhealthy and cause a lot of stress thus, the fitness program is made in such a way that you can follow it without an urge of quitting in the midway.

We are in this struggle together to make you look handsome and beautiful. Your mentor will guide you throughout the process and will always support you in achieving those muscularity and sharpness in a healthier manner. All we need is your patience and your resolution to see yourself the way you have always wanted to. Are you ready to get started? Join now.


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