30 days training program

MRP: 3,000.00 1,500.00

Features :

  • 1 month plan
  • Smartest way of crash dieting
  • Only for non vegetarians
  • Workout 2 times a week
  • Not for beginners
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A protein-sparing modified fast ( PSMF ) is a type of a very low-calorie diet (<800 kcal) with a high proportion of protein calories and simultaneous restriction of carbohydrate and fat.

With BTS you can follow protein-sparing modified fast ( PSMF ) plan for 1 month to get your desired result. A smart way to crash diet, PSMF plan is the safest option to choose from if you’re looking to lose weight in a healthier way. BTS PSMF plan will help you lose 5 to 8 kg of weight within 2 weeks. This diet plan is only for non-vegetarians and also it is not recommended for beginners.

You need to workout 2 times a week under PSMF plan, which will seamlessly blend in with your regular lifestyle.
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