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On the first day, if someone would ask you to pick up 5 kilograms of weight and go on a 100m sprint. Then again ask you to do 500 squats and 200 push ups. They tell you this is very important if you need the desired shape. Worried? Don’t be. We wouldn’t want you to leave us on the first day or in that matter any day at all. We will know you first. We would interview you and inquire about your physical condition, your mental condition, the gender you are and your age and it is then that we will start the venture to design your workout plan. We can design a workout plan which you can perform at your home if you’re in no mood to join the gym. Our ambition is to make you stronger and increase your focus. The body is important to achieve a peaceful state of mind and we understand your body and mind and the relation between the two. Our workout plan will be a mix of resistance training and cardio which would let you enjoy your workout and create a desire in you to do a little more every day. We are here to take you to the point of bliss and we will not leave you halfway. Therefore, open your eyes and allow us to take you for a spin.

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