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Tips To Improve Running

If you’re planning to get into running for the first time, you might think it’s as simple as placing one foot in front of the other, and run just like Milind Soman, but it’s actually not.

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Did you ever notice how runners constantly complain of being injured? Yeah and it’s not from the running but it’s from bad running habits.

So we have prepared few essential tips that you must follow while you’re getting started. Read these tips, implement them, and prepare to lace up.

Running Tip 1: Never Start Too Quickly

As with lifting, when you run, your muscles, joints, and ligaments need a chance to warm up and get the blood flowing before you’re ready to crush your workout.

A warm-up signals your body to release energy and contract your muscles so you’re physiologically ready to work hard.

So, it’s always a good thing to start with a dynamic warm-up, then walk, and finally jog for a little while when you first start out and then increase your speed gradually.

If you’re new to this form of fitness activity, spend a few weeks going on easy jogs before you introduce any kind of speed work. This will build the strength and resilience you need to work harder.

Running Tip 2: Focus On Core Exercises

Core work is another concept that is as important for running as it is for bodybuilding.

When you have a strong core, you’ll be able to stabilize your body to achieve greater power and help minimize your risk of injury.

A strong core also keeps your running form tight, which means you’ll move more efficiently and be able to go farther and faster with less effort.

Running Tip 3: Wear Shoes Designed For Running

If you’re new to running and suffering from pain because of it, the first place to look is down at your feet.

Notice what kind of shoes are you wearing? Are they lightweight, flexible training shoes? Have you had them for a really long time and do you wear them for other activities as well?

Do This Quality Check

Try bending and twisting the shoe. If the sole flexes too easily, you might need more support. It’s very important to buy shoes specially designed for running.

Running Tip 4: Don’t Ignore Injuries

When you feel any discomfort or pain just listen to your body. Take rest for a day or two, it will go away.

Keep these tips in mind before you start! If you need an expert guidance and you want to know how you can follow a better routine for maximum effectiveness, we’re just a chat or call away. Take care of your health and live a healthy and happy life.

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