Why Some People Lose Weight Faster? Solved by BTS Mentor Amit!

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Why Some People Lose Weight Faster? Solved by BTS Mentor Amit!

We love to compare ourselves with others everyday. Be it fitness, work or things that matter to us. Human mind is made up in such a way where competition plays a huge role in our daily life. Since childhood we compared our results with our friends and checked whether we did better or not and as we grew up the comparison changed to our job, salary, status, relationship and what not? So today came another question which many people asks and fails to understand why they’re not losing weight. Here’s a brief answer from one of our mentor.
1) Metabolism: If someone’s metabolism is high, he or she can lose weight faster than others.
2) Carb Resistant: If a person’s body is responsive to moderate carb, then he or she can lose weight on moderate carb itself. But if the person’s body is carb resistant then the chances of losing weight is less on the intake of same calorie.
3) Hormone: Hormone plays an important role in weight loss. If someone is having underactive thyroid, he or she won’t be able to lose weight like a normal person. Since, thyroid regulates your metabolism.
4) Weight Loss Goal: If you don’t plan your fat loss journey you will not reach your goal, without goal you will go nowhere and you might make the situation worse than earlier.
5) Consistency: Consistency is the key, Some people starts diet and workout  and stick with it for 1 week, again they stop dieting for some reason and continue with this off and on dieting and end up with no result. So be consistent throughout the journey for best results.
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