What is Keto Diet? Let’s Find Out Here!

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What is Keto Diet? Let’s Find Out Here!

So we all are very familiar with one of the most searched and famous diet for fat loss “Keto Diet”. Today we decided to give you a sneak peak to this famous diet and let you know why this is still the most sought after diet by everyone looking to lose weight.

We at team BTS constantly face this query in our daily life from our peers who eagerly wants to lose weight. So today we are here to clear your doubts, remove your confusions, the famous myths that most of you are aware of about Keto diet through this blog. Keto is basically ultra low carb, high fat diet where 70-75 % of the overall calorie comes from fat, 20-25 % comes from Protein and 5 % from carb.

How Keto Diet Works

When you keep your carb intake less than 30 gm and your protein intake doesn’t exceed  25% of your overall calorie intake then Your body enters into ketosis after 72 hours and your body shifts its mechanism and use ketones as a source of energy instead of glucose. Since your body changes its mechanism, you can face some issues like dizziness, nausea in early days commonly known as “Keto Flu”. Don’t worry as this is a temporary flu, Stick with your diet plan, flu will pass within few days.

Keto Diet Myths

Myth 1 – It’s a magic diet plan and we will lose more fat compared to other calorie deficit diet.
Fact – During the initial days of Keto diet you will feel initial weight loss very fast because you removed carbs from your diet, so you will lose water weight initially. You will also lose the same amount of fat even in other low calorie diet like Low carb diet.

Myth 2 – You don’t need to count calories while in ketosis!
Fact – Wrong! You can also gain weight while you’re on Keto diet if you are eating more than your maintenance calorie. So keep a watch!

Myth 3 – This diet is not healthy in long term!
Fact – Research has shown that in long term it increased HDL (Good Cholesterol) and decreased LDL (Bad cholesterol) in obese people. So yes, it is safe and healthy!

Myth 4 – You are going to lose muscle since protein intake is less.
Fact – Ketones has protein sparing effect, if you are consuming moderate amount of protein, you are not going to lose muscle.



Some Points to Consider During Initial Days

1) Avoid Eating Too much protein – If you consume lots of protein, it gets converted into glucose through a process called “Gluconeogenesis” and you will be kicked out of Ketosis. Once your body gets adapted to fat (Normally after 3-4 weeks of Keto) you can decrease the amount of fat and increase the amount of protein.

2) Lacking enough Electrolytes in Diet – If you do not have enough sodium, magnesium and potassium in your diet, you will experience headaches, nausea, etc. So consider consuming salty snacks, leafy vegetables, nuts, walnuts to avoid these situations.

3) Not having enough soluble fibers – Most people feel constipated due to lack of soluble fibers in their diet. Add Psyllium husk to avoid this common constipation issue.

We at BTS love to share knowledge with fitness enthusiasts and people who are stuck at work and looking for a lifestyle change. We are making it easier for people like you who don’t like to give up no matter what situation they’re in. We believe in fitness inside out, if you don’t feel fit inside, you cannot be fit outside either! So let’s join hands and make India fit!  Be a part of our growing community of fitness enthusiasts and leading fitness experts from all over India. Join our Facebook community now.


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